Mothers Bodies are Beautiful…Blah Blah Blah

I’m tired of all these articles lately that go on and on about how beautiful women’s bodies are after having children, no matter their size or shape. That creating and carrying a baby is a beautiful thing and to never feel bad about being overweight.

Ok, now that I’ve outraged half of the moms out there, let me clarify.

I’m not talking about stretch marks or stretched skin or having wide hips or not being a perfect size 6. And of course creating and giving birth to a baby is a beautiful miraculous thing! I did just that 2 years ago. But what I am talking about is carrying around an extra 30+ pounds. I think some people jump on this “beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes” bandwagon as an excuse not to exercise and change their diet to a healthier one.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not in perfect shape. I eat sweets more often than I should and I don’t go to the gym enough. But I don’t use pregnancy as an excuse for staying fat and unhealthy. You gotta be honest with yourselves people. There are lots of scientific studies that show carrying around a significant amount of extra weight can be hazardous to your health. But you don’t need to read scientific studies to know that you feel better about yourself (physically and mentally) when you are more physically fit. Personally, I have more energy, I’m more comfortable in clothes, I’m more motivated to get things done and I’m happier when I am in better shape. I’d like to find someone who disagrees with that statement. And I know plenty of normal moms, not celebrities who hire personal chefs and trainers, who are fit after multiple pregnancies, so I’m speaking from personal knowledge.

Now, to turn the tables, I COMPLETELY disagree with the media forcing upon us all this ideal body image of super skinny models with flawless skin. We all now know that it is mostly thanks to photo shop and airbrushing that they look that way anyway. But I think young people still look up to that. Hell, I still find myself admiring it. It’s such a false ideal.

But now, back to my original point. I feel that the trend in society seems to be heading more in the direction of “I’m not responsible. I’m not to blame for my condition. The status quo is perfectly fine” in more ways than just our weight. Look at our schools and how kids can’t “fail” their tests. Everyone is a winner. Everyone who tries out for sports teams makes it. We’re teaching our kids that it is ok to be mediocre, that it’s ok not to strive to be better.

Individuals are responsible for their own personal condition and they can do something to improve it, if they recognize that they do have the power to improve it.

Ok, end of my rant. I hope I didn’t ruffle too many feathers. Actually no, I don’t hope that. I hope that I might have motivated some people!